Go see some great theatre. Right now.


My friends Kevin & Tony are in this production.....

and I just saw it last night.


go and see it. now.



holy cow......

talk about COURAGE.

you f***ing GO girl! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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Just want to hijack this puplic forum to say Happy Valentine's day to my sweetie!

Sara, I love you with all my heart - each new day is an adventure! :)
Dianna and Sara


Decisions, decisions............

I can't decide which picture I like better.....
Is it Tedy Bruschi?

or, is it Coach Belichik?

OR....MAYBE it's this great picture of MR.TOM BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, I guess the picture doesn't REALLY matter ---- what matters is that they won

GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



well.... as I write this it's 10:46 am, and I have about 13 hours and 14 minutes left to being 29....

am I really counting? I keep telling people that 30 isn't worrying me, but I wonder if deep down it really is? it's possible. i mean, I always have a tendency to gloss over something that's bothering me by making a joke about it.

i know it'll see morbid, but I seriously think it's the "closer to death" thing. one day soon, dear friends, i will write a tidy little entry about how much i fear death. i'm not talking a generalized fear, i'm talking "wake up in the middle of the night, panting, & in a cold sweat" kind of fear.

this has CERTAINLY turned into a very pleasant "day before before my birthday" post.
i'm glad i could bring everyone down
(dianna = LOSER)

i'm VERY excited about my party tonight.
i mean, i had people fly long distances to celebrate MY birthday. this is totally weird to me. the low self-esteem Dianna can't believe that ANYONE would go to so much trouble to celebrate me.
well, i was wrong. Dom, Amy, Jen & Erik flew in from Boston, and Molly is driving down from Milwaukee.
Dude, this is crazy.

Well, I need to go and cook breakfast for my LOVAH.

I'll post more tomorrow regarding the party.