It's just WONDERFUL to know [sarcasm intended], that no matter how much my self and those I am closest with can celebrate their pride (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8367448/) there's always something out there to bring me back to harsh reality. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8349415/)

son of a bitch.
happy fucking pride


...scraping by......

So, the big move out happened just one week ago. Sara packed up the essentials, and headed out to the suburbs to live with her mom, probably for a year - we'll see.

I am now living alone, and in a single paycheck situation, which is fine, but the first time of paying rent (next week) all by my lonesome will be a stretch.
I've done some overtime here at work, and the hourly pay for my time and 1/2 is PRETTY nice. I will defintely have enough to pay the rent, and have a scrape of money left over - the challenge becomes this - the next paycheck isn't for another 2 weeks. Next month is when I' ll have to start putting aside a couple hundred dollars from the "mid month" paycheck, so that I don't have to use EVERY LAST PENNY of the "end of month" paycheck just for rent. I mean, I do need to EAT and all.

The bills are paid up (and in some cases, slightly OVERpaid - Sara and I got into this habit with some of the smaller bills, like Electric and Gas, if the bill was for 36.42, we'd send 40$), and I've gotten a 30 day CTA pass, so I'm good until Mid July for transit.

My friend Jo has a line on a part time job for me over at Comedy Sports, where she is an intern.
It's not a lot of money per hour, but if hired, I could make my own schedule (basically, only get scheduled for nights I CAN be there) - which will work great for me.
Now, I just need to go ahead and fill that application out so I can get started.

All I need between now and that glorious "mid month" paycheck arriving on 7/14, is maybe 20$ worth of groceries (money goes FAR at Aldi's), and maybe 2 rolls of quarters for laundry.

Any donations will be kindly accepted.


Content, content, content

I just realized i haven't updated my blog in justover 2 months...

what the fuck?

well, I was PM for a show, then my best friend's wedding, then i was cast in a show and was rehearsing, then I had a tragic death in the family, and then the show i was in opened.
This past weekend is actually the first one I have had almost entirely to myself since about Easter (i know, i know - whine, whine, whine....)

I' m now in day 3 of "living alone".

Things are ok (so far). Honstly, the weirdest part is not having Sara next to me in bed at night. We talk on the phone (every day so far) and we'll see each other when we can, but not being next to her in bed each night will be the hardest thing to get used to. I hope I never "get used" to it. I honostly don't think I will. I'm sure I'll discover some more "weird" things as time moves on....

On a completely different note, I'm contributing to a reading tomorrow night of a play written by my friend Michael. It's weird, because I know he reads my blog from time to time, so I dont' want to gush too much (his head would get WAY to big...)
Suffice to say, the play is just beautiful, and I love it.
The theatre company is contemplating producing it as a show, and I certainly hope that we do. There's a lot of "Michael" in the play, and since I know him, it made some parts difficult to read, but I'm glad I did.
It's just wonderful, and I hope the reading tomorrow night goes well (::crossing fingers::).

that's all for now.