get off my back.....

alright, so I said I'd post every day.

bite me.

OK, here's the situation. (my parents went away on a week's vacation....sorry, couldn't resist..)
In my office, there are 9 sales managers, and 3 sales assistants. Mathematically, we get 3 apiece.
My colleague, Jojo (also an asistant) left the hotel a while back. She assisted the Director of Sales and the Director of Marketing, so the position is SLIGHTLY higher than me and my other colleague. Well, they asked me if I was interested in taking over for Jojo - I thought about it a little and I decided to go for it. In the meantime, they started a search to replace me.
In the midst of all this was Jojo's last day. They eventually found someone to fill my open slot, but the girl couldn't start until the 10th (yesterday).
Total time elapsed from Jojo's last day, and yesterday when new girl started?
28 days.
So, until she started, there was only 2 assistants.
And unfortunately for me.... the other girl who works with me is VERY sweet and nice, but doesn't work very fast, and the other salespeople don't trust her with their stuff. So, rather than stuff being spread out, she took care of her three, and I took care of 6.
One of the six is a brand new sales manager, who has a question or needs my help about every 5 minutes it feels like.
There's another gal in my department, who does a bunch of sales reporting and analyisis. Some of the reports she does are mundane, but they need to get done every day.
She has a family issue and needs to be out every friday and monday in April. In fairness, they spread her duties out, but I (of course) got the one thing she most trusted (the one thing that she didn't want to get wrong)
I'm touched by all this love, and I won't lie when I say my ego swells when I know that I'm very needed....but I'm dying here.
I'm trying really hard to be positive and a "team player".
Mostly, I'm just laying low because once the new gal is up to speed, I will actually be working for the 3 sales people who are the lowest maintenance.
(did I also mention that I have to help TRAIN the new girl too? )

  • 3 extra sales people
  • covering for the sales analyst while she's out for 10 total days this month (plus I hear she may take an additional whole week at the end of the month. wonderful. )
  • answering all the questions of the new sales manager
  • helping train the new sales assistant
  • PLUS I have work to do for the 3 sales people I'm actually SUPPOSED to be working for.
  • oh......and I answer the phone all day.
  • we also take turns covering for the main receptionist out front for her lunch. We rotate weeks. last week was my week.

Did I mention that I ALSO opened a show last week?

I went from that work situation each day last week, and rushed over to the theatre, and was there until 10ish and do it all again the next day.

That was my Monday through Friday last week.

I didn't have time for blogger.

sue me.

It's a good thing I actually like all the people that are involved or else I'd have already taken out the AK-47 and gone to town.

I need a drink - anyone buyin'???