Morose vs. downright cute

So Sara said my blog had been getting a little morose (I believe she said my blog was getting like an obituary page...)

Observe if you will the last 2 entries.... my uncle Marty and my brother Sean.

Okay, okay, maybe they were getting a little macabre... whatever.

So today I will instead celebrate LIFE.

This is a picture of my sister-in-law Melissa, and me & Sara's new nephew Riley Louis.

How cute is he? He develops hiccuping fits when Sara holds him, but when I hold him, he snuggles down into my chest and falls asleep.

The next set of "new baby" pics will likely be when Sara and I have one.


on my desk...

I keep this picture on my desk at work....

Its a great pic of me and my younger brother Sean. I taped his obituary to it, and I look at it every day.

I have a few regrets in my life. He is my biggest. I wasnt close to my brother (we were 9 years apart), and then, unfortunately, we lost our Dad to cancer when Sean was 4 and I was 13. It pretty much tore the family apart. So, years go by, and I dont spend time with him (or my sister either). There's that misguided notion of "No worries - we have YEARS..."

Not so much. My brother went back and forth with some drug issues over the years, but was on a fairly good path going into May of 2005. He was on methadone to try and kick the habit, and things (according to my sis) were going good. He went to bed the night of May 25 and on the morning of the 26th, his girlfriend found him unresponsive. He died of a methadone overdose - he was only 20 years old. (the anniversary of his death is 15 days after the annivrsary of our Dad's death - 5.11.88)

Sean Joseph Driscoll -- 7.21.84-5.26.05