Good Karma

Yesterday was a good karma day.

Something spectacular happened - it's a little bit personal, so I'm going to keep it to myself for a bit, but suffice to say I feel like a million bucks because of it.

(and no, Sara is NOT pregnant)

color me confused

The Presidential race this year has had its share of ups and downs.... I believe I even said here on the blog that I was predicting a Romney vs. Clinton showdown... what a difference a few months makes, eh?

Those that support John McCain, while I don't agree with their views, I understand their need to stick with a conservative, like themselves.

Those who are supporting Obama (like myself), I obviously completely understand them.

You see, Barack was not my first choice. I found him a passionate guy, but I didn't know a lot about him.
My guy was Joe Biden - I have always loved his straight-forward talk. Sure, he's had some foot-in-mouth moments - haven't all politicians? He gets to the point, and he doesn't fill it with an over abundance of scenery-chewing vocabulary (**coughcoughJOHNKERRYcoughcough**). Joe had to bow out of the race a little early - he didn't get any kind of support during Iowa, so he set aside his campaign and got back to Delaware. My focus shifted to John Edwards, whom I have always admired. His positions were very similar to mine and I loved his commitment to the working poor - there was no one else making the promises he was. Edwards dropped out just before Super Tuesday, which is when Illinois votes in the primary.
Now, Sara and I were set to be in LA visiting my cousin Martin during that week, so with my absentee ballot firmly in hand, I pondered the list on the ballot.
John Edwards was actually still listed, having dropped out too close to Super Tuesday to actually be taken off the ballot. As much as I loved Edwards, I didn't want my vote to be wasted.
Next choice? Hillary Clinton. I have never been interested in Hillary - just a personal thing. I don't dislike her or anything vicious like some other people say, I just have never "warmed" to her, I guess is the word. Good legislator? sure. Great leader? ehhhhh....not so sure.
So this left me with one choice - Barack Obama. I put my "x" in the box, sealed the envelope, and dropped it in the Mission Viejo, CA Post Office.
Over the coming weeks and months, I found myself listening to Obama, and listening hard. If this was going to be my guy, I needed to know more. The things I have seen and heard have inspired me. He's a "lifter-upper", he can stir your emotions and get you thinking that YOU can indeed accomplish anything. And then when he's done speaking, you think about the MEAT of what he said - and you agree with him and see that his ideas have so much merit and he's so ready to be the arbiter of change.
Watching the Obama vs. Hillary stuff play out was painful to watch as a democrat. To watch the party become divided, especially over something as stupid as someone not knowing when it's the right time to leave? infuriating. The vitriol coming from Bill? It killed me. Bill was my guy, I voted for him. It wasn't like he was talking about a political rival, it was like he was talking about someone he HATED. It was awful.
Once Hillary bowed out, and after taking some time and throwing her full support behind Barack, it really felt as though things would turn around....
And then the rumblings began.
I started hearing about people who were Hillary supporters were going to vote for McCain.
I'm sorry....what?!?!?!?!?!?
Are these people even AWARE of what they're voting for? Because while understand the "nyah, nyah, nyah" motivation a bit, I wish these people would realize that not only is it a slap in the face for Barack Obama, its a SLAP IN THE FACE TO HILLARY. You are considering voting for the man that she RAN AGAINST... don't you understand how fucked up that is?
It's so screwed up, I can't even come up with a decent analogy to it!!!!!!
If Obama isn't your guy - I get it.
But if thats the case DONT VOTE.

wait, wait, I have the analogy. Remeber "Friends" when Chandler wore Joey's underwear and then Joey put on ALL of Chandler's clothes???? The entire argument started when Joey took Chandler's seat. Then Chandler took the seat cusions away.

Voting for John McCain is like taking the seat cushons away. In practice, it's a great way of saying FUCK YOU to the guy sitting in the chair, but then you're left with a couple of cushions and no chair to sit in...how stupid is that????



Wow... IT Department at work does one Security patch, I restart my computer and VOILA - I am able to VIEW everyone's blogs again.....





I haven't blogged since before we opened! Now it's AUGUST for crying out loud!!!!

Well, we opened, and had some good reviews and some great ones - the audiences just LOVE the show. Well, some people seem to not be sure exactly what they saw but they know they were entertained and thats good enough for me!

I'm going to be really sad when this show is done - I love working with these folks, and its great to work on a show that doesn;t BORE you by week 3. I'm not involved with WNEP, so the only way I can work with them again is if they ask, so here's hoping they do that!

We've only got 2 weekends left, and I'm actually only there for 1 or 2 shows this weekend because I have a prior commitment (family in town), so I have only about 4 or 5 shows LEFT! Boo!

Well, in other things - busy, busy, busy.... working at Blue Man pretty much anytime I'm not at Metaluna, and also working the day job - it feels like Sara and I haven't hung out in eons!