oh, and another thing...

.... I'll put 10 bucks right now that in November it'll be Romney Vs. Obama.


life moves PRETTY fast

It feels like I just picked the dates for our California vacation yesterday, and here we are --- almost time to go!!!!
We leave on Saturday - we're booked on a later flight, but we're hoping to standby on an earlier one (fingers crossed). Then, we're in Cali til 2/7 -- YAY!!!!!!

It's not super hot, but mid - upper 60's is better than Chicago, thats for DAMN sure!

Our only plans so far are to relax, do some beach stuff, go to the San Diego zoo (hopefully), and I'll be watching the super bowl on this Sunday - thats it for now! We're renting a car, so we're planning to do some driving around, for sure - checking out this and that.
(I personally think it'll be hilarious to swing by where the writers are picketing and get some pics of celebs!!!! - Sara thinks I'm nuts :)

Between planning for California, and anticipating the new LOST episode tomorrow night (WOO HOO!!!!!!!), there's not much else on my mind, I guess.

There's a couple of hot theatre topics out there in the blog land, but I've been commenting on other people's blogs and not really posting here -- arguing over equity vs. non equity and such....
it hurts my head after awhile.


Preview or No-view?

There are some great blog posts out there (from yesterday and today) that are discussing the use and need for previews in theater. There's some great stuff from Rob and Kris, so go check it out.

Personally (and with SRT), I've always looked at previews more like an "invited dress". SRT has always had lower ticket cost (around 5 bucks), but since most of the audiences end up being friends and colleagues who comped in, we only make about 50 bucks at the most.

And although this has never happened, if something catastrophic were to happen, I would probably be inclined to refund money if need be.

The value that SRT gets out of it (I feel) is letting the actors get used to a non-tech-week audience. People who have NEVER seen a run of the show before, and the laughs or reactions are fresh and new - and sometimes in unexpected places (who knew they'd laugh at "x"???). This all assists the actors and the designers to help fall into the RYTHYM of the show. Pace can be the make or break part of a show, and getting a chance to test out the pace is a godsend.

Now, if someone saw an SRT preview, hated it, and then ran to their blog and posted about it - I would be SO DISSAPOINTED.... but I would have no reason to be angry about it.

By opening up for a preview, you roll your dice on the criticism.

Some folks, like the folks at GreyZelda, discuss why people use them at ALL.

Where do you fall in this discussion???


A Promise

If Mitt Romney says he's the candidate of "change" one more time, I'm going to punch him in the throat.


fudge update

back from Saugatuck.

and lo and behold the Fudge shop (Kilwin's) was CLOSED FOR THE SEASON.

My brain can't even process a vacation without fudge purchased.


picture pages....

I know I already posted today, but I'm feeling a little nostalgic and I thought I'd post some pictures ... little explanations accompany each one.

For all who know my cat Maxwell, who is a big fluffy beast --- check this out! Look how TEENY he is companred to my hand! He was the CUTEST kitten ever.

In this one, my good pal Michael is about to take a pie in the face during one of SRT's annual benefits. Ty Cobb paid about 20 bucks for the right to smash that pie.... and Michael looks VERY happy.
This is a promo shot we took for Coronado. Not only do I love the shot, but the idea for the set-up was mine (looking in mirror, yadda yadda). It's a great shot and a great memory of my first Asst. Directing gig.
This shot was actually taken by Michael, the pie-man above. He's quitethe talented photographer, and SRt is very lucky to him around to take advantage of his skill. This was a promo shot for The Crucible, and capturing the motion of the girl's hysteria coupled with the unwavering focus of Abigail is just HAUNTING. (check out the lighting design, man - John Horan - if you've got a chance, book him - the SUBTLe use of that window gobo - any other designer and that window pattern would have been WAY more pronounced. John's touches were awesome)

And I'll end it on one shot that, no matter what, I will always love. Taken by Michael as well - he did a great job, because the love and absolute joy in their faces is evident.

Have a great weekend everyone.

off we go

Sara and I are headed to Saugatuck again this weekend. A little bit of a longer stay than the last time (last time we got there around 730-8pm, and left about 4 or 5 the next day), this time around we leave later this afternoon (around 230-3pm?) and should get there about 7 (time change), and we'll come back around the same time Sunday.

Also, this time around, Sara's mom is coming with us, which should be fun. I don't thiunk she's ever been to the Michigan shore, and Saugatuck is SOOO cute. For the New Englanders, its a lot like Bearskin Neck in Rockport, shops, gallerys, etc... and always the allure of "Home Made Fudge".

What is it about those sleepy little towns that have a high tourism population part of the year, and their fascination with having HOMEMADE FUDGE?

I don't mean to tangent here, but think about it. Any kind of waterfront village that has that whole "New England-esque" quality tries to push the home made fudge on you. All of the ACTUAL New England sea-side vilages I know and love (Salem, Rockport, Gloucester, etc etc...) all had their own Fudges, plus even further north - in fact, when Sara and I were staying in Portland Maine back in September we bought some home made fudge - no lie (and I even got pumpin pie fudge, which thoroughly grossed out Sara and delighted me). When we went to Saugatuck back in early Nov.? We bought fudge...
Not only does Saugatuck have an extensive candy/home made fudge shop, their home town version (Kilwin's) actually has *2* location in the downtown area - they're only a few blocks apart!

Why, people? Why?
Why the fudge?

Oh, and for the record, this time around I think I only want to get some vanilla fudge cuz thats my favorite :)
Anyone want any?



So in a couple of weeks, Sara and I are headed west (California, to be exact). And i'm STOKED. I've never been to California, and neither has Sara, so we're dying to get there and check out the beaches and parks and the sites -- we jazzed, defintely.

I'm bummed about ONE TINY THING, though.
We'll be out of town 2/2 - 2/7, which means we won't be able to vote in the Primary election.
It may seem small and insignificant to some, but not to me.

I had plenty of issues with the last election in 04, but my biggest complaint was my CHOICE. John Kerry just wasn't my top choice for the Dems - BUT, since I didn't push a candidate during the primaries, I couln't really complain.

This time I don't want to be faced with that - I would rather go to the polls in November knowing that I did everything in my power to get who I felt was the best person for the job into that office. And now I can't do that.


best of 2007? what?

Apparently, Kerry Reid liked Coronado.

a lot.


"3. "Coronado" (Steep): A mystery about past indiscretions and betrayals unspooled in this play by novelist Dennis Lehane ("Mystic River"), but it was the performances here that I loved. The actors swerved from playful seduction to cat-and-mouse anxiety, and I bought it every step of the way."
(emphasis is mine, not Kerry's)

i'm actually a tad speechless.