life update

I know Sara mentioned it in her Live Journal, but I thought I’d take a stab at discussing it, too.

So, Sara and I have made a WISE and MATURE decision. We have decided to move into separate apartments. We had been planning, once our lease is up, to move into the smaller apartment downstairs. Well, when the lease is up, I’ll be moving down there (the price is actually DIFFERENT for 1 person, as opposed to 2), and Sara will be moving into a Studio.

There are a lot of reasons for this, some too personal to discuss.

Let it be known – we are NOT, I repeat NOT breaking up. We feel that if we lived separately for awhile, that we may appreciate the things the other does for us and not take the other for granted.

So this is an experiment --- and we both hope it works out well.

I’ll have Maxwell, the big fat cat, with me, and Sara is taking the kittens. The dog will most likely be going to her mom’s.

It’s a weird time, though, until this actually happens. We have 3 months to plan it, since our lease is not up til June 30, and it feels weird to be EXCITED about this --- even though we are! J

We are both looking forward to having some space, but being apart is the only thing that’s really bugging us. Sara is trying really hard to move forward with the Culinary School thing, and I have the Theatre Company. Needless to say – we should both be fairly busy. The concern is, of course, that without adequate time TOGETHER, things may crumble.

My theory is that is that if we REALLY love each other, and are REALLY meant to be together, than we will be able to overcome any obstacles we have in our path.

Wish us luck.


first day

..... it's my first day in the Sales office.....

i'm scared out of my gourd...................


update.... because i was told to.

Ok, so .... no one EVER comments on my blog (probably because only 3 people read it (that i know of! ), and on my last post, which was admittedly awhile ago, there's a comment.
"update this blogger. right now"

who am i to shy away from a demand like that?

ok, so life....
Ok, so being Production Manager of the theatre company is a little weird. I thought I'd be DOING more? But I forgot it's more about making sure people are all doing THEIR jobs, and keeping the particular show on target for opening night. So while I think I'm doing a fair job of keeping OTHER people on task, I feel as though I'm not doing much else.
(ok, being the bookkeeper for the company helps fill in some time. in fact, THAT is pretty time consuming)
I guess I shouldn't complain. I'm also reading plays for our annual playwriting contest. That may sound easy, just sitting down and reading some plays --- but you try it. Sit down with a stack of one-acts and see how long YOU can go before your eyes start to cross :)
Yesterday I was at Kevin's house reding plays along with Mike & Chantelle. Great group of people. :) and, i LOVE to just gab about movies and TV with Kevin & Michael.... it makes me feel like LESS of a geek..... sometimes. We need to hang out more.

One thing we were chatting about was Six Feet Under. I'm bursting with anticipation for the series to start back up again. Not to mention, the season I missed, season 3, will be out on DVD sooon, so I'll FINALLY be all caught up. Heh. Just in time for the series to come to an end.