update.... because i was told to.

Ok, so .... no one EVER comments on my blog (probably because only 3 people read it (that i know of! ), and on my last post, which was admittedly awhile ago, there's a comment.
"update this blogger. right now"

who am i to shy away from a demand like that?

ok, so life....
Ok, so being Production Manager of the theatre company is a little weird. I thought I'd be DOING more? But I forgot it's more about making sure people are all doing THEIR jobs, and keeping the particular show on target for opening night. So while I think I'm doing a fair job of keeping OTHER people on task, I feel as though I'm not doing much else.
(ok, being the bookkeeper for the company helps fill in some time. in fact, THAT is pretty time consuming)
I guess I shouldn't complain. I'm also reading plays for our annual playwriting contest. That may sound easy, just sitting down and reading some plays --- but you try it. Sit down with a stack of one-acts and see how long YOU can go before your eyes start to cross :)
Yesterday I was at Kevin's house reding plays along with Mike & Chantelle. Great group of people. :) and, i LOVE to just gab about movies and TV with Kevin & Michael.... it makes me feel like LESS of a geek..... sometimes. We need to hang out more.

One thing we were chatting about was Six Feet Under. I'm bursting with anticipation for the series to start back up again. Not to mention, the season I missed, season 3, will be out on DVD sooon, so I'll FINALLY be all caught up. Heh. Just in time for the series to come to an end.


Mike said...

I can't wait for the final season of Six Feet Under. Jo and I are certain that they'll kill off a main character - but who knows which one...

Anonymous said...

this is sara. thought i would clear up any possible confusion.

i too can't wait for the finale of Six Feet Under. I think that it'll be either Ruth or David that gets the last funeral.

i can't stand Brenda that much, maybe it'll be her. i'm probably not that lucky though.

Anonymous said...

thank you. very much.