Note to American Theatre magazine:

I got a survey emailed to me from TCG, wanting to know why I didn't renew my subscription to American Theatre. Here's the thing:  I tried a subscription for a year - I just assumed it would keep me up to date on a lot of the goings on in the theatre industry and don't get me wrong, it did in some ways. I just got irritated that the coverage in the big feature articles were always very New York-centric. There would be an occasional short article on some regional theatre that was doing something different or outside the box - but that would be it.
In the survey, they asked "What was your NUMBER ONE reason for not renewing?". None of the multiple choice answers worked for me, and there was a "OTHER: explain" with a blank space to fill in.
This is what I wrote:
"TOO MUCH NEW YORK! You need to come to grips with the fact it is no longer considered the "hub" of new theatre that it used to be. Your branching out to other cities/regions needs to intensify. It's called AMERICAN theatre magazine, but you may as well call it "NEW YORK Theatre Magazine, with an occasional bone thrown to Chicago/LA/Seattle/St Louis/ et.al.” "


Days go by

Sara said last night to me “You need to update…”

I was confused and said “update???”

She said, ”…the BLOG…”

Ahhh… yes…

Last Blog entry almost 2 months ago.

Well, it’s not like I’ve been sittin’ on my butt doing nothing!

After closing Hopper on the 21st, we moved the next weekend, then I had one week off where we did some organizing of the new place, and then jumped feet first into a new show on March 8.

I’m stage managing at The Side Project – it’s a new play called “People We Know”. One of the reasons I’m completely loving this is that the entire group consists of people I have never worked with before. Adam Webster, the director, directed me in a silly 10 minute play for a festival and that was AGES ago. I’ve never worked with any of the actors or any of the designers – which is great. Meeting new people, creating new contacts in theatre. Making the community of ME bigger.

I know it sounds weird because the show hasn’t even opened yet, but I’m already keeping my eyes open for the next gig. I like being able to plan ahead and know when the next “thing” is. Plus, if I keep my eyes open early I can have more projects to choose from (hopefully). If anyone is in need of a Stage Manager after July 1st, you know where I am.

Sara and I are going on a KICK-ASS road trip in June after PWK closes. We’re heading first to the Mount Rushmore area and spending a couple of days there, then swinging west and a little south to Cheyenne for a day. Then we head further south to Denver for about 3 days, and then we head directly east across Nebraska and Iowa and head home. Both of us have never been to ANY of these states, and they all seem like the perfect road trip kind of places, with great views from the car. We’re so excited. And, as a cherry on top, guess what team the Colorado Rockies are playing while we’re in Denver? That’s right…. The Red Sox. It’s like a dream vacation.

More to come….