My Uncle Marty

In 1979, my mom's youngest brother, my Unlce Marty, drowned at a local beach after deciding to go for a late-night swim. He was found by a woman walking her dog along the beach the next morning. He was only 21.

Now, I was only 4 1/2 at the time, but I totally remember my uncle Marty. He liked picking up my brother Danny and carrying him on his shoulders. He also taught me how to tie my shoes. He was young, and he was fun and he ALWAYS had a smile on his face. I actually got to see him in his coffin and he still looked amazingly handsome.

The most lasting legacy of him though?

Minus the cleft in the chin, he is the relative I look the most like. (in my opinion).
Now, if only I could get a stylin' 1970's denim VEST to wear with my favorite outfits, then I'd be as cool as he was. :)