Don is celebrating a milestone today. Congrats man.

I cannot imagine coming up with something coherant and worthy to say every single day. Heck, there are times when I don't post here for weeks. (Although, I've been trying to be better, at least one post a week, more if possible.)
I don't at all consider myself a writer - I'm a "jotter".
I just kind of "jot" down things going on in my life and things going on in the world around me.

I did some of that in college - I used to keep a "quote" book - and always jot down thinsg that I felt were worthy - and back in those days it was usually bawdy humour and double entendre's(sp?).

I've never kept a journal for any longer than a few months - there was usually a stopping point where I'd forget to write for a few weeks, and then there's the inevitable entry that starts "Wow - I haven't written in awhile!".

In comparison to Don, I think I've only got around 120 posts. Thats not a lot. But, it was only 75 or so 2 months or so ago, which shows I've been writing more - or rather, "jotting" more.
Most of the things I write are pretty mundane - stories about things me and Sara saw or did, shows I'm working on, shitheads on the CTA - just day to day stuff.

So how are things today?
* Sara and I have been working opposit schedules for a few days, so we haven't been seeing a lot of each other, except when we kiss goodnight.
* Metaluna rehearsals are amazing. It's the best show I've ever worked on, and I still have no idea what it's about. You're all going to love it.
* Today's CTA shit head? Today, I got a lot of ass in the face - and not in a pleasant way. Summertime sucks for close bodies on the train - smelly & sweaty - yuck.

Another mundane update tomorrow.

(oh, and Brownlee? it's your turn on Scrabulous)


Seven Words

My good friend Brownlee is more eloquent with his goodbye, but I'll use the Carlin standard and keep it just 7 words.

I'm going to miss you George Carlin.


seriously, folks...

My cup fucking runneth over.....

ok, as a point of reference, the last time they won the championship, I was in the fifth grade.

I'm 33 now.

*which,by the way, was Larry Bird's number... coincidence?maybe....

In Memoriam

Now, there were a bunch of GREAT political cartoons that came out expessing sympathy for Tim Russert's passing, but I really felt this one summed it up best. (cartoon by Bob Gorrell)


a good night all around....

  • On Tuesday night, we went to this:

  • and, met THIS person, as she was exiting by the Stage Door:

I had her sign THIS:

  • and for the record, I used one of THESE:

  • as we walked away....I did a lot of this:

  • Good times, good times......


We totally weren't in Kansas anymore

So, this past weekend was the wedding of my good pal, Michael Brownlee.

Sara and I packed up the car Friday, and left for the exotic locale of... Rockford, IL.

The wedding itself was happening in Delavan, WI, but I wanted to stay cheaply, so I booked an employee rated room at the closest Holiday Inn I could. Driving 30 minutes isn't that big of a deal when you're only paying $39 / night!
So anyway, with weather, traffic, etc, we pulled into the Rockford area just about 10pm.
Sara and I were starved, so we got some KFC and headed to the hotel to check in.

We woke up nice and late the next day - it's those damn room-darkening shades, they make you feel like you're in a coma, for crying out loud and you lose ALL sense of time!

The wedding was set for 5:30ish, but since it was happening at a Summer Camp, there were some fun and games planned for the time leading up to the ceremony - so there was an all around sense of "get there when you can". I love weddings with no pressure.

When we got there around 3:30-4pm, there was a spirited game of "Capture the flag" going on. That was defintely the first time that's ever been my first image of a wedding!
Shortly after that, the "storm sirens" went off, indicating there was a tornado spotted in the area. I'd describe how it went from there, but Don is so much better at it.

Once we got the all clear, it felt like smooth sailing after that - sure it rained off and on, but Michael and Karyn were so laid back and gracious about everything, you just couldn't help but get caught up in the same feeling.

The ceremony was lovely, and I only cried a little bit.

The food was AWESOME! Who was expecting such delicious food at a summer camp, in the DINING HALL, no less? Seriously? Garlic mashed potatoes that were to DIE for, and a vegetable/rice casserole that I am still thinking about.

Then, for the reception/dancing period of the evening, they kicked the party off with a "first dance w/ slide show" that was so touching that I was bawling like a baby by the mid-way point. Hundreds of pics of them growing up, then together as a couple, then tons of shots of their families, and then a bunch of pics of their friends. I was touched to see a pic of me included (and a HILARIOUS one at that - taken just seconds after Kevin had knocked into my elbow and sent the upper 2 inches of my Guinness, foam and all, onto my glasses. classic)

We had a GREAT time - hanging with friends, sitting by a campfire, eating good food, slapping away the bugs and trying to stay dry.

Congrats Karyn & Michael - I love you both and I wish you nothing but good times and joy.

Mazel Tov.


Good News (for once)

Well kids, it looks like I’ll be participating in some theatre this summer – but it’ll actually be PAID theatre, will wonders never cease?
Anyway, joking aside, I’m now officially the Stage Manager for WNEP’s summer production of “Metaluna – And the Amazing Science of The Mind Revue”
My first rehearsal is tonight.

Let’s pray for non suckage on my part, shall we?