Don is celebrating a milestone today. Congrats man.

I cannot imagine coming up with something coherant and worthy to say every single day. Heck, there are times when I don't post here for weeks. (Although, I've been trying to be better, at least one post a week, more if possible.)
I don't at all consider myself a writer - I'm a "jotter".
I just kind of "jot" down things going on in my life and things going on in the world around me.

I did some of that in college - I used to keep a "quote" book - and always jot down thinsg that I felt were worthy - and back in those days it was usually bawdy humour and double entendre's(sp?).

I've never kept a journal for any longer than a few months - there was usually a stopping point where I'd forget to write for a few weeks, and then there's the inevitable entry that starts "Wow - I haven't written in awhile!".

In comparison to Don, I think I've only got around 120 posts. Thats not a lot. But, it was only 75 or so 2 months or so ago, which shows I've been writing more - or rather, "jotting" more.
Most of the things I write are pretty mundane - stories about things me and Sara saw or did, shows I'm working on, shitheads on the CTA - just day to day stuff.

So how are things today?
* Sara and I have been working opposit schedules for a few days, so we haven't been seeing a lot of each other, except when we kiss goodnight.
* Metaluna rehearsals are amazing. It's the best show I've ever worked on, and I still have no idea what it's about. You're all going to love it.
* Today's CTA shit head? Today, I got a lot of ass in the face - and not in a pleasant way. Summertime sucks for close bodies on the train - smelly & sweaty - yuck.

Another mundane update tomorrow.

(oh, and Brownlee? it's your turn on Scrabulous)

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