So... Thanksgiving was good. We went to Sara's mom's house, and stuffed ourselves. Then, we did the sales. Crazy....
The only one I participated in was the outlet mall that opened up at midnight on Thanksgiving. I did that and then was dropped of at Sara's sister's and I went to sleep. They then proceeded to go to a store opening at 4, and another at 6.....

Christmas is around the corner... some of the presents have been bought already but there is a shit-ton more to get. Every year, I always say "We need to start buying earlier", but we never do...


Coronado, I hardly knew thee...

Well, tonight begins the closing weekend of Coronado, my first venture into the "Assistant Director" domain. And, probably the most artistically satisfying experience I've had in Chicago in a long time (Sorry Kevin - #1 will still be working on LaBute's Bash: Latterday Plays with About Face)

A lot of the reason the show rocked for me was being able to work with one of the best groups I've talent I've ever been associated with. These actors, pardon my Boston, are fucking wicked pissah (although, Lehane would be pleased with colloquialism). Bergen Anderson, Jessica Jane Childs, Jeremy Fisher, Trey Maclin, Peter Moore, Karyn Morris, Caroline Neff, Brian Parry & John WIlson. If you ever have a chance to work with ANY of them I implore you to do so.


New thought

Ok, so I read a bunch of the local theatre blogs - most of the time I don't feel intellectual enough to join in on the discussion, and lately its only been worse.

Pretty much everyone has gotten into this long-winded discussion about "what is art?", and some of the discussion has gotten into that "story vs. spectacle" area. (Wicked vs. Death of a Salesman, if you will) Now while I cant expound with notions about neo-classical and modern art and the like, I can give the facts about MYSELF.

So here's the question (and BE HONEST):
For the theatre folk, what was the show that "hooked" you? the one that made you stare up at the stage with your mouth open like a goon and the only thoughts going through your mind is "wowwwwww....."?

The show that hooked me? My high school's production of Anything Goes.

Whats my point?
Next time you talk about the lack of artistic merit in shows like Wicked or Jersey Boys, try to remember the steaming pile of shit you fell in love with when you were 10.

So - what's yours?


I think I have finally discovered the only way to live through auditions.
No monologues, only readings....

This is the second set of auditions in a row I've been involved in where that has been the format, and I really like it.
Taking actors out of their element of "prepared" and throwing into the fire with cold readings is a bettrer assessment of their skills, i feel. I mean, I'm a sucky actor, but I can memorize a monologue just fine. But would I make interesting and creative choices during a cold read? probably not - I don't have that bag of tricks.
Actors do certainly need to memorize, but they also need to be totally comfortable "in the moment". In live theater, anything can happen (and usually does). If you're not ready to take it as it comes, then you're not right for me.


stupid is as stupid does

Back on Oct. 31st, The Trib posted a 4 page article called Theatre 101 (article is here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-1102_c_theater101nov02,1,7510413.story?page=1)

I understand the intent was to be funny and informative - and they succeded at both....occasionally. A majority of the tone was very condescending, though. Seriously, telling people when they're supposed to clap? (the part that offended me was the rebuke to house managers - I got a little huffy in the comment I left... what can I say, I get emotional)

The best comment left was from Marcus, who wrote:

"Hm, I'm trying to think if the NYT would run an article like this in their
Arts section...... Nope. I don't believe they would. Unlike the Tribune's
editors, the editors of the Times probably recognize that their readers are
smart enough to figure out how to go to a play all on their own.

You gonna print an article telling us not to be scared of the Art Institute
next week?