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Ok, so I read a bunch of the local theatre blogs - most of the time I don't feel intellectual enough to join in on the discussion, and lately its only been worse.

Pretty much everyone has gotten into this long-winded discussion about "what is art?", and some of the discussion has gotten into that "story vs. spectacle" area. (Wicked vs. Death of a Salesman, if you will) Now while I cant expound with notions about neo-classical and modern art and the like, I can give the facts about MYSELF.

So here's the question (and BE HONEST):
For the theatre folk, what was the show that "hooked" you? the one that made you stare up at the stage with your mouth open like a goon and the only thoughts going through your mind is "wowwwwww....."?

The show that hooked me? My high school's production of Anything Goes.

Whats my point?
Next time you talk about the lack of artistic merit in shows like Wicked or Jersey Boys, try to remember the steaming pile of shit you fell in love with when you were 10.

So - what's yours?

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Brownlee said...

Amen D! I don't remember how old I was, but I couldn't have been much older than 10. But a sweet, old lady from our church took me and my siblings to see "Peter Pan" with Sandy Duncan. When that fairy dust hit and they started to fly I was hooked.