side note

Let me preface this by saying that I love Obama as much as the next democratic guy.


Is it so wrong to want Jed Bartlett back in the Oval Office?

"....I'll be watching you...."

Jen Ellison has officially thrown her hat in the ring as my stalker.

Is it any wonder why I didn't stay after the show on Friday?:)

Don't you worry, stalker-girl, I'll probably be coming to see the show again.


Babies, Babies, everywhere...

While I know that my well wishes are not terribly welcome, I can't help but give them.
Mazel tov and congrats to Jenn & Tony.


placating Joe

I've been instructed to post. Post I shall.

During my blog "downtime" I have actually been writing, I've just been doing it in a journal (you know, those antiquated blank notebooks that you write in, you know, with a PEN)

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I'm more of a "jotter" than a writer. Here are some of the jotted highlights from the interim journal.

* (on the train) Actually just had someone nudge me in the back to push me toward the door - even though there was obviously people crowded in frontof me - and OF COURSE there was no "excuse me".

* The ratio of crazy people to normal folk in any CTA setting is much higher than in regular day to day life, in my humble opinion.
* Jeff Tweedy from Wilco came to Blue Man. This would have been far more exciting for me if I actually listened to their music - or better yet, even knew what Tweedy looked like. Still, interesting for a regular old boring Sunday @ BMG.

10/22/08 (I had actually made a note that gas was 3.25/gal.....it's 2.22 now)
*So, the song on the iPhone flipped to "Don't Fear The Reaper". Now, talk about a song that got ruined by comedic circumstances! I love the song- and I always have. Remember, Nancy was a young mom - Danny & I listened to a lot of 70's rock stations growing up. As a consequence, I heard plenty of Blue Oyster Cult (and Queen, which is on now...). Now, as an adult I have always associated the song with Six Feet Under. Great show, great song. Then Ferrell had to go and take out that damn cowbell.


PRETTY much says it all

(stole the image from Wil Wheaton's site, which he stole from elsewhere)

Ok,thats it....I promise...
No posts in 3 months, and now 3 in one night

DADA Friday

I'm going to opening night of WNEP's newest DADA show- "Schmukt Der Hallen".

Metaluna wasn't scary because I was in the booth, but for this one I'm in the audience.
Jen Ellison is totally gonna fuck with me.

"Now the first of December, was covered with snow..."

James Taylor songs always make me think of Jenn Leavitt Adams.