Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping....

Lots going on in life right now.

Working full time still. (Thank goodness)

Doing some individual shows here and there (Next up, "Put my ___ in your ___" with The Mammals)

Saving for a house.

Oh, and Sara and I are getting married!

The Civil Union law in Illinois passed many months back, but it went into effect on 6/1/11. We already picked up our license, and we plan on getting hitched at City Hall sometime in the next few weeks. But THEN --- we're going to gather a bunch of family & friends in January and have a nice big celebration!!!!

Here's the geeky part: I set up a seperate Blog, to keep family and friends informed on details, but also to keep a diary of the plans: http://diannaandsara.blogspot.com/

Nerdy, I know, but also it'll serve as a nice diary and timeline of the events as they happened when we look back later on down the road!!!!

In other news.... patiently awaiting the pre-sale for Paul McCartney tickets.

Cross your fingers for me.