what? I haven't posted a blog in 6 months?

Shut up :)

Anyway, things are great. Sara is now living back with me full time (has been since September-ish). She's got a GREAT full time job which she LOVEs working at this upscale cafe in the Gold Coast, called the Goddess and Grocer (http://www.goddessandgrocer.com/site/epage/40516_628.htm). She started out working the counter area, but now she's an Asst. Manager. She loves the job and loves the environment. I'm so happy she's finally doing something where the people above her don't want to USE her talents, thay want to CULTIVATE them. Awesome.

Now as for me, still at the hotel (for now) and working part time at The Goodman as a House Manager. They pay is pretty good, and having the money from 2 jobs is WONDERFUL.
We're currently saving cash right now to put a down payment on a car. We hope to do that within the next couple of months.
We're also looking at a possible move. My pals Chuck and Kristine are moving back east and will need to take care of their condo here. I offered to rent it from them if they had trouble finding a buyer. Well, because the market is so soft right now they probably aren't even going to try to sell at ALL. So now, we're going to try and see if our landlord will let us break our lease, and we may be moving in only 2 months.
2 bedrooms?
Washer and dryer in unit?
2 bathrooms?
TONS of closet space?
huge kitchen?
parking space?


more to come....