funky fresh?

I'm feeling funky lately.
Not dance-hall funky.
"in a funk" kind of funky.

Work is fine, Blue Man is fine.....

Theatre wise? hmmmmmm.......

Not so sure.

Right now, SRT is working on a show for the spring. Other than lending company member support, I'm not involved in the process. (This is ok, by the way - I've needed a break, as I've produced every major production stretching all the way back to Caucasian Chalk Circle, in Spring of 05)
So, a break is ok, I just feel kind of.... floating? Is that weird?

I don't want the stress of producing, but I don't want the depression of doing nothing...kind of a damned if I do, damned if I don't situation.

Maybe things will be better in the New Year. I'll keep you posted.



well, fer crissakes

... if I'm gonna be linked by Michael's new blog http://michaelbrownlee.blogspot.com/, then I guess I'm going to have to update more. Crap.

Well, thank god I brought a picture with me today that I was looking to scan. I can talk about that (phew!) .

Feast your eyes (if you will) on what I feel is the best picture ever taken of me and my brother:

Let me set the scene and situation for you - If memory serves, I was about 9 I think - Which makes Danny 12 or so. We were totally at those ages - yeah, we had nothing in common, nothing to bond about. I was a total dork (books, etc), and Danny was a sports guy.

My mom and stepfather took us on this camping trip - we were to canoe on the Saco river in Maine for a day, spend the night in a tent, then drop off the canoe and spend the rest of the short vacation in a cute little hotel.

About halfway through our day of canoeing, the skies opened up and it started to pour out - we paddled over to side of the river and took refuge under some trees overlooking the river. (observe if you will my soaked hair and my damp jeans)

My mom had the camera out, and Danny made some crack, something that, in the moment, was so utterly hilarious that I just threw my head back in uproarious laughter. My mom was lucky enough to have clicked this pic at JUST the right time.

How fortunate is that?