Coronado, I hardly knew thee...

Well, tonight begins the closing weekend of Coronado, my first venture into the "Assistant Director" domain. And, probably the most artistically satisfying experience I've had in Chicago in a long time (Sorry Kevin - #1 will still be working on LaBute's Bash: Latterday Plays with About Face)

A lot of the reason the show rocked for me was being able to work with one of the best groups I've talent I've ever been associated with. These actors, pardon my Boston, are fucking wicked pissah (although, Lehane would be pleased with colloquialism). Bergen Anderson, Jessica Jane Childs, Jeremy Fisher, Trey Maclin, Peter Moore, Karyn Morris, Caroline Neff, Brian Parry & John WIlson. If you ever have a chance to work with ANY of them I implore you to do so.

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