Note to American Theatre magazine:

I got a survey emailed to me from TCG, wanting to know why I didn't renew my subscription to American Theatre. Here's the thing:  I tried a subscription for a year - I just assumed it would keep me up to date on a lot of the goings on in the theatre industry and don't get me wrong, it did in some ways. I just got irritated that the coverage in the big feature articles were always very New York-centric. There would be an occasional short article on some regional theatre that was doing something different or outside the box - but that would be it.
In the survey, they asked "What was your NUMBER ONE reason for not renewing?". None of the multiple choice answers worked for me, and there was a "OTHER: explain" with a blank space to fill in.
This is what I wrote:
"TOO MUCH NEW YORK! You need to come to grips with the fact it is no longer considered the "hub" of new theatre that it used to be. Your branching out to other cities/regions needs to intensify. It's called AMERICAN theatre magazine, but you may as well call it "NEW YORK Theatre Magazine, with an occasional bone thrown to Chicago/LA/Seattle/St Louis/ et.al.” "

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Lisa D said...

Precisely why I stopped reading it. I liked that they published plays being produced outside of NYC, but all of the articles seemed to be about how awesome New York theater is and how everyone who lives there is REALLY in touch with everything.