life moves PRETTY fast

It feels like I just picked the dates for our California vacation yesterday, and here we are --- almost time to go!!!!
We leave on Saturday - we're booked on a later flight, but we're hoping to standby on an earlier one (fingers crossed). Then, we're in Cali til 2/7 -- YAY!!!!!!

It's not super hot, but mid - upper 60's is better than Chicago, thats for DAMN sure!

Our only plans so far are to relax, do some beach stuff, go to the San Diego zoo (hopefully), and I'll be watching the super bowl on this Sunday - thats it for now! We're renting a car, so we're planning to do some driving around, for sure - checking out this and that.
(I personally think it'll be hilarious to swing by where the writers are picketing and get some pics of celebs!!!! - Sara thinks I'm nuts :)

Between planning for California, and anticipating the new LOST episode tomorrow night (WOO HOO!!!!!!!), there's not much else on my mind, I guess.

There's a couple of hot theatre topics out there in the blog land, but I've been commenting on other people's blogs and not really posting here -- arguing over equity vs. non equity and such....
it hurts my head after awhile.

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