off we go

Sara and I are headed to Saugatuck again this weekend. A little bit of a longer stay than the last time (last time we got there around 730-8pm, and left about 4 or 5 the next day), this time around we leave later this afternoon (around 230-3pm?) and should get there about 7 (time change), and we'll come back around the same time Sunday.

Also, this time around, Sara's mom is coming with us, which should be fun. I don't thiunk she's ever been to the Michigan shore, and Saugatuck is SOOO cute. For the New Englanders, its a lot like Bearskin Neck in Rockport, shops, gallerys, etc... and always the allure of "Home Made Fudge".

What is it about those sleepy little towns that have a high tourism population part of the year, and their fascination with having HOMEMADE FUDGE?

I don't mean to tangent here, but think about it. Any kind of waterfront village that has that whole "New England-esque" quality tries to push the home made fudge on you. All of the ACTUAL New England sea-side vilages I know and love (Salem, Rockport, Gloucester, etc etc...) all had their own Fudges, plus even further north - in fact, when Sara and I were staying in Portland Maine back in September we bought some home made fudge - no lie (and I even got pumpin pie fudge, which thoroughly grossed out Sara and delighted me). When we went to Saugatuck back in early Nov.? We bought fudge...
Not only does Saugatuck have an extensive candy/home made fudge shop, their home town version (Kilwin's) actually has *2* location in the downtown area - they're only a few blocks apart!

Why, people? Why?
Why the fudge?

Oh, and for the record, this time around I think I only want to get some vanilla fudge cuz thats my favorite :)
Anyone want any?

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