I haven't blogged since before we opened! Now it's AUGUST for crying out loud!!!!

Well, we opened, and had some good reviews and some great ones - the audiences just LOVE the show. Well, some people seem to not be sure exactly what they saw but they know they were entertained and thats good enough for me!

I'm going to be really sad when this show is done - I love working with these folks, and its great to work on a show that doesn;t BORE you by week 3. I'm not involved with WNEP, so the only way I can work with them again is if they ask, so here's hoping they do that!

We've only got 2 weekends left, and I'm actually only there for 1 or 2 shows this weekend because I have a prior commitment (family in town), so I have only about 4 or 5 shows LEFT! Boo!

Well, in other things - busy, busy, busy.... working at Blue Man pretty much anytime I'm not at Metaluna, and also working the day job - it feels like Sara and I haven't hung out in eons!

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Don Hall said...

Oh...we WILL ask.

You don't come into contact with someone as supercool as you and not at least ask.