grumble, grumble

i hate when you post something that was personal, and those that comment identify themselves only as "anonymous".

::grumble, grumble::

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Wicked Sairah... (Seattle Sarah) said...

I don't have a blogger....

I'm only checking in on here because I was wondering what was going on with you two.

I think that it might be a wise choice to be apart for a while. I know you're not breaking up, but time apart is a good thing.

I'm sure had I been smart, and done that with my last partner... things would have turned out a bit different for us. But where I am now, I'm happy. *shrugs* So it worked out for me. I'm happy with the guy I have now.

I'm sure you two will work things out and your life, love and friendship will grow from this.

Everyone needs time to themselves at some point.

Take care!