...scraping by......

So, the big move out happened just one week ago. Sara packed up the essentials, and headed out to the suburbs to live with her mom, probably for a year - we'll see.

I am now living alone, and in a single paycheck situation, which is fine, but the first time of paying rent (next week) all by my lonesome will be a stretch.
I've done some overtime here at work, and the hourly pay for my time and 1/2 is PRETTY nice. I will defintely have enough to pay the rent, and have a scrape of money left over - the challenge becomes this - the next paycheck isn't for another 2 weeks. Next month is when I' ll have to start putting aside a couple hundred dollars from the "mid month" paycheck, so that I don't have to use EVERY LAST PENNY of the "end of month" paycheck just for rent. I mean, I do need to EAT and all.

The bills are paid up (and in some cases, slightly OVERpaid - Sara and I got into this habit with some of the smaller bills, like Electric and Gas, if the bill was for 36.42, we'd send 40$), and I've gotten a 30 day CTA pass, so I'm good until Mid July for transit.

My friend Jo has a line on a part time job for me over at Comedy Sports, where she is an intern.
It's not a lot of money per hour, but if hired, I could make my own schedule (basically, only get scheduled for nights I CAN be there) - which will work great for me.
Now, I just need to go ahead and fill that application out so I can get started.

All I need between now and that glorious "mid month" paycheck arriving on 7/14, is maybe 20$ worth of groceries (money goes FAR at Aldi's), and maybe 2 rolls of quarters for laundry.

Any donations will be kindly accepted.

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