...because Thales said so....

ok, ok....

i posted something......... happy?

So I just watched a movie I'd never seen before (god bless HBO), and I feel a little nerdy because I actually got a little caught up in it.

It was "The Day After Tomorrow".

I know, I know......

I was actually yelling at the TV when they had left the library to get supplies, and the eye of the storm passed over..... I'm like, "get back inside! get back inside!"

and I ACTUALLY got misty at the end when the helicopters flew over Manhattan and it showed all the other people who had survived appearing on the roofs of the tall buildings.


shut up man, nothing wrong with enjoying a summer blockbuster 2 years late!

I also have Ladder 49 from NetFlix - I'll take care of that either today or tomorrow so I can send both back to Netflix (the other being West WIng season 4 - disc 2)
That on was in the mailbox when I got home last night at 10, and I didn't go to bed until after i watched all the episodes (i think there was 4?)

Oh, and "big ups" to Jen for having the gang over last night. Jen, love the new place, and loved the sangria! All the snackies were delish!
We'll have to all get together again soon.

Until then...

Hey Jo.... 185 cellular phones walked into a bar and..........

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