what to say?

i was instructed by the powers that be
to update my blog
(or, get rid of it)

so... what's new?
in my last post, I was kind of bitching at the world. things have eased up a bit. work is way less stressfull, the show I was working on closed, and I'm a little more at peace.
Plus, I've been able to spend a lot of time with Sara lately, and that ALWAYS puts me in a good mood. :)
Last night, I came home to a delicious dinner - homemade feta-sundried tomatoe burgers, with grilled onions and mushrooms on top; garlic roasted potatoes; corn on the cob; and a great garden salad.
We ate outside on the back porch, and after we ate, we cleaned up the back yard, and did some flower-seed planting and watering. A nice, relaxing time. :)

I can't wait for Sara to be be back full-time.
I'm glad we had this time to live apart - in the very least, it was a great lesson on not taking each other for granted - but I'll be glad when it;s OVER.
It's just not the same without my sweetie there.

I guess that's it????

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Sara said...

you should have gotten a rid of it...

i keeeeeed...