a month? really?

Wow - I had been doing so well updating the 'ole blog. Obviously I must have fallen asleep late in the day on February 26th and I *JUST* woke up!

Lots going on....

"The Diviners" opened back on the 14th, and things are going good. The reviews are good, and the show is great, but audiences are a little thin. I think we were just dealing with that "second weekend" lull - ticket sales look good so far for this weekend. Cross your fingers that we can pay the bills.

Things are busy at Blue Man (it's GROUPS season!). Which basically means my days are filled with high school kids hopped up on sugar, who don't understand that when I say "no pictures allowed in the theatre" it actually means that you can't take your camera out and take a picture of you and your friends in the poncho. Last night, we greeted a large group, told the kids (in full view of the chaperones) they couldn't take pictures at any time. So, they go inside, show starts and my staff caught one of the adult chaperones FILMING the entire opening sequence.
oy vey.

Don't mind my bad humour - I'm currently in the middle of day 3 of my 6 day-72 hour work week - and those are just the hours I get PAID for. I also have to house manage for Diviners tonight, and that's FREE!!!!! Somebody swing by the theatre tonight and bring me a pillow!

I discovered something super cool last night - the first linking of my blog on a "non-friend" site!
Sure, Brownlee and Sara have links to me on their blogs, but they kind of have to. Sara because I live with her, and Brownlee because I'd kick his butt if he didn't.
Anyway, I digress...
I started at Don's blog, where he did a "3 things I learned the hard way" meme and tagged some folks - I follwed the tags around to other people's blogs to see how they answered it, and I finally got to Rebecca's blog from GreyZelda Theatre. I don't read her's as regularly as some of the others, but I do check in a couple of times a week. Well, I must have missed on the sidebar that she has a link to my blog! How sweet! Rebecca and I have never met (don't ya love the internet), but she seems like a real tough cookie, running her own NFP Theatre group, starting topical conversation, etc.

So, I've returned the favor ---------->
and Rebecca's blog is now listed with mine - and she should get traffic from maybe 2 more people...who are the sum total of people who read my blog!


Michael Brownlee said...

Welcome back! 72 hours? Girl, you crazy. If I weren't dying of bronchitis or plague or whatever I've got, I'd give you the night off. But after I drop off the reservation book, I'm going home and passing out.

GreyZelda Land said...


Thanks for linking me, too!

And, please know, that you're comp'd for The Skriker so hopefully we can meet in person officially! We'll try to get out and see The Diviners, as well.