The Blue Sack

My buddy Joe gave me the title.

Blue Man gave me "the sack"... witty, isn't it? :)

Oh well, I can now say "the current economic crisis has affected me". The silver lining is that I only worked there part time, and I do have a well-paying day job, so money-wise, we're ok.
But, I loved working there, and I'm going to miss it terribly.

Anyone out there looking for a house manager for their winter show?
Or a Stage Manager for their Spring one?
I am clearly available.


joe g said...

I really wish I didn't have occasion to coin that phrase. I know you dug that job and I'm sorry you lost it.

rebar said...

Bah. That blows.

I'm glad that to hear the day job is keeping the lights on and the roof up.