I'm not sure if you're aware, but there are only ***3*** more chances to see our smash hit, "The (edward) Hopper Project". I am ridiculously proud of this production, and while I was only a small cog in the wheel, considering the massive numbers of people involved, I still know that my cog was NECESSARY.
(info and tickets - click here)

There are several pictures I could have used for this post, as we've had a bunch of pictures taken by a bunch of different people, but this one is by far my favorite. It sets the tone for the kind of show it is (dark but intriguing), I love the lighting (well done, Mr. Durst), the costumes are kick ass (woo hoo Rebar!), and these are truly 2 of my favorite people (not just in the show, but in life...). This little moment that Joe & Merrie's characters share is one of my favorite moments in the show, it's largely silent, and lasts only about 20 seconds tops. Brilliant.

(Photo by John Sisson - http://www.sissonphotography.com/ )

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rebar said...

Can I just say that I find it interesting that, while I'm not a smoker (except for that one week when I was fourteen and failed miserably to actually inhale), I tend to write scenes that have smokers in them.

I blame all those old black and white movies I grew up watching after school.

That said...

I love lighters that don't work.

I love another smoker coming to the rescue.

I love the idea of chivalry (or really, just good samaritanism.)

I love moments that last 20 seconds.

And I love that Lady D loves that scene.

(Thanks Mer and Joe!)