The Bell Jar

I suppose I could change the title of my good 'ole blog to now read "Fun-employed!!!", because being unemployed is FUN!!!! <sarcasm>. Yeah, so, I'm unemployed. And yeah, it's not fun.
Here's the weird part - Sara and I are moving to suburbs (yeah, I'm moving) in a few weeks, so searching for a job in the city is stupid, and it's still a little early to apply out in the 'burbs. I'm in kind of an employment bell-jar, if you will.
So that's how my life is going - how's yours?

I spend my days trolling job sites, looking for free deals on Craigslist (hey, Sara and I will have a house to care for - I'll get all the free supplies I can), packing boxes, keeping the house clean so the apartment can be shown, washing dishes, cooking dinner for Sara, pack some more boxes.

What to write about? I used to write about my commutes. Yeah, no commuting right now. I'd write about shows I was working on. No shows right now, or any more in foresee-able future. I'd write about fun trips and things Sara and I would do. Yeah, trying to keep the spending in check, so haven't really done anything fun or interesting other than go to the movies a couple weeks back.

Gawd... This whole entry sounds so DEPRESSING. Ignore it, ignore it all.
I'm spending quality time with the cats, I'm taking care of my wife and my home(s), I'm selling things on eBay, I'm doing a tiny bit of sewing for a friend for a little bit of moolah on the side.
Life isn't THAT bad......

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