Stupid Techno- question

no... not about techno music (although my question there is always --- where are the words???)

to all my fellow pals with bloggers, here;s my question.
Some of you have those handy slots on the side, with info like "what I'm reading" and you have a picture of the book --- "what I'm listening to" and there's a picture of the CD.....

I don't see it on the template I chose --- is this something I have to ADD to my template, or do i need to select a different template?

Note to self:
New England Patriots on Monday Night Football tonight. :)


Mike said...

Usually the template will come with a "links" area that you can manipulate to your liking. I've tinkered with mine and added the books/cd's/etc on my own. I'm sure I can help you with it if you're ever so inclined.

Anonymous said...

I can help you out as well. Not to step on Mike's toes, of course.

We can drink too much wine on Thursday and make it look REAL sweet. If not lopsided.

Anonymous said...

Um. Anonymous up there is Thales.