Glass Houses

I constantly bug my friends because they don't update their bloggers every day.

Notice how I don't do it either......

On my way to work, a girl was walking in front of me, and on her backpack she had a button that said the following:
"Never Postpone Joy"
I thought that was a beautiful thought.


Meet the newest neighbor!

Our downstairs neighbors, John & Kirsten, had their baby this past Monday.
How cute is she!!!! Elise Michele

Thanksgiving is over......

.... but I think I'm still digesting.

I'm still full.


answer me this

why the HELL am I at work today?

it must be a chemical imalance or something. Everyone and their mother has today off.

(well, except my brother Dan. We e-mailed back and forth 3 or 4 times today. The only fun part of my day.)

i mean, doesn't the owner know I need to go home and make countless PIES for tomorrow?
priorities, people. come on.


not bad....

8 cavities and a POSSIBLITY of 2 root canals.....

we'll see.....


Stupid Techno- question

no... not about techno music (although my question there is always --- where are the words???)

to all my fellow pals with bloggers, here;s my question.
Some of you have those handy slots on the side, with info like "what I'm reading" and you have a picture of the book --- "what I'm listening to" and there's a picture of the CD.....

I don't see it on the template I chose --- is this something I have to ADD to my template, or do i need to select a different template?

Note to self:
New England Patriots on Monday Night Football tonight. :)



So, I guess this is my big "welcome to my blog" post.

I feel like such a dork, because I'm such a techno-loser, so it seems so weird for ME to have a blogger. Wouldn't it make more sense if I had LESS technological things in my life?

I promise to be humourous, and occasionally topical.

Not to mention, I'll have plenty to write about after the big DENTIST appointment on Tuesday.

Be sure to pray to God/Allah/Yahweh/Mohammed/Confusious/The Goddess --- whatever.
Anything that gets me out of root canal MUST be good.