Dianna needs a drink

let me give you a list. it's short but sweet.

* pulled a muscle in my arm. this makes life difficult, as I need to climb a ladder to get to the booth in the theatre. and by ladder, i mean a set of rungs screwed into the wall, so i need to pull myself up.

* flood in the basement of the theatre last night. all drains were backed up. including the toilets. our paying customers last night needed to use the bathroom at Twist, the restaurant next door. and with today's weather, I don't think the water is going to subside.

and last but CERTAINLY not least:
* 2 words: cold sore.


JEW said...

Drink? Did you say drink?

You got my attention.

Anonymous said...

good thing the show is keeping you busy and home late at night, that cold sore isn't really stopping anything from happening.

i hope opening night went/goes well.

love ya.

Anonymous said...

that above anonymous was me, err, sara.

Dianna said...

i love that sara. :)