so..... we opened.

::big exhalation of breath::

good crowd tonight, the actors were just ROLLING along -- TOTALLY "bringing the funny", and the big stanky puddle in the basement was taken care of.
It's ALLLLLL good!

Seriously, though. The show went really well. From what I understand, we had 3 reviewers there, and a whole lot of friends. LOTS of laughs. and I didn't screw up any cues. :)

My arm feels a little better, and the cold sore... well.... it's ok.... whatever....

After the show, we had to take the set apart and store it. That went SUPRISINGLY smooth -- it was great. lots of teamwork, and we were done in 20 minutes TOPS.

Then, after that, we all headed over to Mickey's Bar & Grill and had some celebratory drinks.

In a little while, I'm gonna havce some celebratory SLEEP.

so, right now... all is good. :)

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