T-Minus 6 days......

I am officially 29 years and 359 days.

I'm hanging onto that "29" til the bitter end....



I envy those that are great writers.
Those that write great.

I always feel as though the things I write are akin to pure drivel. Nothing but a waste of bandwidth. Another useless post broadcast out into cyberspace. Maybe people will read it, maybe they won't.....

Life is pretty full right now....
Between Theatre, home, birthday party, baby showers, friends coming from out of town, excitement over the superbowl, a new addition to our menagerie of pets.......

I need a break.

This coming Sunday will officially be the first day in over 2 weeks with nothing on the schedule.

Don't call me.

I'll be sleeping.


Meet "Mo-Mo"

anyone wanna come over with a digital camera and take some shots of our new DOG??? :)

yes, I said Dog.

Here's the story:
Sara's best friend Jessica just broke up with her boyfriend. They had bought a puppy together (folks, don't ever do this unless you KNOW you'll be together a long time...). The Ex doesn't want the dog, and Jessica's parents won't let her keep the dog in the house.....


Sara and I are now proud (partial) owners of a 4 month old, pure-bred Golden Retriever puppy.
A cutie-pie little girl puppy named Mo-Mo.
(yeah, i know.... the name sucks, but we have no choice)

This dog is so freaking cute, I don't have words for it.

There are now offically MORE animals than people in our house.....



Last night..........

...... after getting in from having dinner at Grand Lux Cafe, please observe the following conversation:

Dianna says to Sara, who is in the kitchen -
"Hey... what're you doing in there?"

Sara says back to Dianna, who is in the bathroom -
"...eatin' quesadilla.... you?"

Dianna says back -
"...water, tums & a shit"



so..... we opened.

::big exhalation of breath::

good crowd tonight, the actors were just ROLLING along -- TOTALLY "bringing the funny", and the big stanky puddle in the basement was taken care of.
It's ALLLLLL good!

Seriously, though. The show went really well. From what I understand, we had 3 reviewers there, and a whole lot of friends. LOTS of laughs. and I didn't screw up any cues. :)

My arm feels a little better, and the cold sore... well.... it's ok.... whatever....

After the show, we had to take the set apart and store it. That went SUPRISINGLY smooth -- it was great. lots of teamwork, and we were done in 20 minutes TOPS.

Then, after that, we all headed over to Mickey's Bar & Grill and had some celebratory drinks.

In a little while, I'm gonna havce some celebratory SLEEP.

so, right now... all is good. :)


Dianna needs a drink

let me give you a list. it's short but sweet.

* pulled a muscle in my arm. this makes life difficult, as I need to climb a ladder to get to the booth in the theatre. and by ladder, i mean a set of rungs screwed into the wall, so i need to pull myself up.

* flood in the basement of the theatre last night. all drains were backed up. including the toilets. our paying customers last night needed to use the bathroom at Twist, the restaurant next door. and with today's weather, I don't think the water is going to subside.

and last but CERTAINLY not least:
* 2 words: cold sore.


i'm a dork

i needed to be reminded by my friend Michael B. that I haven't updated my blog in awhile.

Not that anyone routinely reads my blog..... except for Michael... :)

So, instead of a real update or story (lazy), here's a funny picture posted today in my pal Mace's blog.

Notice how only the back of my head is labeled as a "drunk". There is no persuasive evidence that the FRONT of me was drunk as well.

(unless of course you find other pictures from that night....Isn't there one out there of me licking Mace's boob?)


Come see this show people.....

My theatre company's latest production opens next week.
We have 2 preview performances, Monday & Tuesday @ 8pm - $5 admission
The show will officially open on Wednesday the 12th - 8pm performance.

It runs for 4 weeks hence, every Mon, Tue & Wed @ 8pm.

Funny, funny, funny stuff.....