double standard?

Ok, opinion question here....

Ordinarily, when a celebrity does anything stupid or foolish, it's splashed all over the TV & the papers, the late night comedians poke fun, and we (the mere mortals) simply shake our heads in disbelief.

So, why is it different with Britney? There is word from a few comedians that they won't make fun at her expense now, because they don't approve of kicking her while she's down... they think she's in too vulnerable a state, etc etc.


But, COUNTLESS other celebs who have taken a tumble are fair game? Mel Gibson? Robert Downey Jr? Even Tom Cruise? It's ok to ridicule these other folks, no MATTER what, but somehow Britney gets a pass fom some people????

Why? Is it because she's a woman, because she's young??? Because she's a mom?

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