Imus, SCHMI-mus

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let me start off by saying, that I BY NO MEANS condone what Don Imus said, what a doofus.

But it was interesting, this morning on the Today Show, Meredith Viera was chatting with some various folks about the issue, and Jesse Jackson was part of the conversation via sattelite. He was doing his usual "this is unnaceptable" yadda yadda... but Meredith was trying to show both sides of the coin, and she asked Jesse Jackson, that back when he called New York "Hymie-town" it took him a few days to apologize, and when he did, he took a lot of flack for what he said, but he came out and apologized and said he was sorry for making a "stupid" remark. So, she asked Jesse Jackson... "How does this situation differ? He came out and apologized, just like you did"
(** just a little historical reminder, Jackson was RUNNNING FOR PRESIDENT when he said that...)
So, Jackson gets all blustery about how only "x" amount of black students are college students these days, and compared with the numbers of the blah blah blah.....So basically, he sidestepped the whole thing and did not answer her question. Personally, I feel that if the basketball team that he insulted is able to forgive him (no word yet on whether that has happened or not), then that should be it. He apologized on several national radio shows, he's taking his suspension, says he totally deserves it... is it NECESSARY to fire him? I don't know... But also don't think Jesse Jackson should be hurling stones while his in that glass house of his....
(side note, I can't STAND Jesse Jackson, but I also am no fan of Imus either...)

BTW - gay/les/bi/trans people of the world.... don't forget.... Ann Coulter call John Edwards a FAGGOT. Where the hell was the public outcry on that one? why wasn't She suspended? why were there no people talking about her bing fired, or the tv stations she contributes to being boycotted by gays....It's the END OF THE WORLD to call a handful of upstanding Female Athletes "nappy-headed ho's", but it' OK to call an upstanding Senator and public servant (and devoted husband, BTW) a FAGGOT???
Hey - Ann Coulter, why don't you just run up to Elizabeth Edwards and kick her right in her cancer-ridden breast and call it a day?????


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