Just hanging...

If my commute to work is timed correctly, there's a guy I pass by about 2 or 3 times a week. As I walk east on Grand from the red line station, I invariably will run into him as he walks west on Grand to wherever he's going. He's a husky guy, wears glasses, looks to be in that late 20's early 30's range, always has the ear buds in.

My favorite thing? The way he holds his cigarette in his mouth. No, it's not sexy, by any means, it's just....different.

He holds it in the corner of his mouth, always on the left side and it just....hangs there....

A lot like this, except his is lit:

I've never seen him inhale, or for that matter EXHALE smoke.... so is it just for looks? Is his a private detective, or a gumshoe reporter from the 30's? Does he watch too much Mad Men?

I'm telling you, this guy intrigues the shit outta me.

I think I may need some new hobbies.


Dennis Frymire said...

The first three months I lived in Chicago, I kept crossing paths with this particular...I won't say attractive...but intriguing looking blond. The funny thing was, I wouldn't just run into her on my way to work, but I would run into her in different parts of the city, on weekends, when I was going other places. The last time I ran into her, I was running up the stairs to an el platform, jumped into the car just before the doors closed, and found myself standing face to face with her.

After that, I never saw her again. I always assumed that she thought I was stalking her, and drastically changed her routine to avoid me.

Anonymous said...

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