random stuff

  • It's "hell-week" for our annual playwrighting fest. This is the week that we have to complete the playreading, comile all of our votes and then fight out the finalists. We didn't get ad many entys this year as in years past (last year we got close to 140). I would conservatively say we got about 75 or 80 this year? I haven't checked in recently with the person collecting the plays - hopefully that number has risen. I'll keep you updated {grin}

  • random - the "naked bike ride' happened over the weekend and they drove right past Briar Street theatre, but I was busy inside the theatre, and didn't see ANYTHING. I come out to the lobby, and all of the staff are like "dude, I just saw bunch of breasts and penis'. And then we had a discussion about whether the plural of penis is "penises" or "penii". I prefer "penii", myself (not literally, of course...)

  • The Soprano's ended last night. It was a LITERAL "ftb". Very nice.

  • I ache to own the seasons of "Deadwood" and I can't explain why.... maybe the end of ONE of my favorite foul-mouthed shows makes me yearn for another? I'm watching an auction on eBay for season one. cross your fingers.

  • I'm supposed to bring in LOST:Season One for my co-worker Lizette, and I KEEP FORGETTING. It's obviously a sign of age.

  • I am excited beyond explanation about me and Sara's road trip for Labor Day weekend.

  • I keep trying to come up with a plan that would allow me to work at BMG full-time. The thing that keeps me chained to the hotel are the benefits. They don't emply a LOT of administrative people, so it's a tight fit there... I'm hoping if maybe someone gets an opportunity at another BMG theatre I could slide in there (company management feels the most natural, I think). But, I don't want to get ahead of myself, I'm just BARELY at the end of my 90-day period for crying out loud :)

  • Thats all the news thats fit to print today.


Michael B. said...

Wow. Two posts in one month. Well done.

Paul Rekk said...

Totally 'penii'.

It's a tad scary how many times I've had that conversation, but I refuse to be swayed.