take that, Brownlee

Ok, so Brownlee is impressed that I've done 2 blogger posts in a month...

Why don't I just make it three and give the poor bastard a heart attack?

So, the play finalists for our playwrighting festival have all been chosen... and I don't know how this happened, but I volunteered to direct one of the plays for the festival. I have NEVER directed before. I think I'm a smart person, but dircting takes a different train of thought... here's hoping I can tap into that! So, of the 13 finalists that were chosen, me and my 5 fellow directors read the 13, decide on our top 3, then we write a directors proposal for each of our top 3, and then the producers and the reading committee will select which directiong proposals sounmd best and choose the festival program based on that.
I already have 1 or 2 that I like, but I need to approach the 13 with the eyes of a director and what speaks to ME the best. So, wish me luck!

Next weekend is auditions - and hile I've sat through countless auditions as a stage manager and as a producer, I've never sat auditions as a director. I know what to look for, but it doesn't make me any less nervous about the process.

I think it's funny that in my last post I mentioned that I really wanted a copy of Deadwood season one, and on Friday Sara and I were at Costco, and it was available for 49, which is a great price for that.....
Yay for Deadwood!!!!

I'm doing a focus group this evening (lip care products I think?) - and I get 100$ cash for that... woo hoo!!!!! This is only the 2nd one I've done for this company - They've called a couple of other times, but you have to "qualify" - so if they're looking for people who use Athlete Foot cream on a regular basis, and I don't (which BTW, I DON'T), then I don't qualify.

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Michael B. said...

Three posts. Heart. Stopping. Jaw. Dropping.

So what are you going to direct.