According to Wikipedia, some interesting things have occurred on Feb 6th, also know as the day of my birth. For example, the 20th Amendment went into affect, Queen Elizabeth II's reign began, and the Munich air disaster happened - where 23 people died including 8 of the Manchester United team players. Some pretty interesting people passed away on this day, including King Charles II of England, Pope Clement, the great Arthur Ashe, and of course, Der Kommissar himself, Falco. (that song's now gonna be in your head all day today. you're welcome.). The most varied and excellent list, though, are the myriad of souls I share my birthday with. Bob Marley, Ronald Reagan, Eva Braun, Axl Rose, Babe Ruth, Francois Truffaut, Rip Torn, Kathy Najimy, Rick Astley, Ty Warren. My personal favorite? Tom Freaking Brokaw.


joe g said...

Happy Birthday!

Michael Brownlee said...

Wow - Braun. Regan. Astley. A veritable who's who of Evil.

This begins to explain many things. Many, many things.

Happy B-Day!

-j-j- said...

Happy Birthday, Dirty Dianna. (I know, I only get to say that once...ONCE. I saved it up for just now.)

My confirmation word?

adj. (Superlative) Even more under than under.