Yesterday, on my way to work, I thought to myself, "wow, each winter, I usually slip and fall on the ice at least once, and so far it hasn't happened yet"

I shit you not, on my way home last night I was literally 100 feet from the front gate and I slipped on the ice and fell. I came down HARD on my right knee, then on my hip, and then a nice hard jolt on my right hand. Thankfully, nothing is broken, but man am I sore.

My knee is gonna look awful once the bruising develops. I got a scrape on the front, and some nice swelling on the side. The rest of my body is sore as well - kind of like when you're in a car accident and all your muscles are sore from the jolt.

The worst is my hand. I came down on the right side of my hand pretty hard. I've got some nice cuts on my hand, but the worst is the stiffness and the sprain. It hurts pretty bad, but without swelling, I assume no breaks.

what a dork.