Slow fade

No matter how much sleep I get, or how balanced my meals were so far in the day, I inevitably start the "slow fade" sometime around 2. It's 2:04pm right now, which basically means I'm ready for my nap now.
The crappy thing about it, is that the afternoon can tend to be some of the busiest times for me at work - I leave at 5 and there's always a hustle for the banquet staff or the set up crew or whatever to need something from me before I leave for the day. Labels, a room sign, blocking off a function room, you name it. Not time consuming things, for sure, but when it's during the "slow fade" time, I move as if I'm walking through peanut butter, albeit the non-salmonella kind ;)
I have a stack of files next to me that are about 8 inches high, and thats just the priority stuff. However, I think I'll just yawn a little bit and update my blog.

I went in on some lottery tickets with a coworker and about 5 others. You know how it is - anytime you hear about the winners of some multi-million jackpot it's always some crazy happy group of coworkers who won - am I right? So we feel we're increasing our actual odds as well as our Kharmic ones by going in with colleagues!

If I were a multi-millionaire, I would update my blog more - I promise!

It's actually a little hard to know what's the first thing to do if I were to win. I mean, it's not like there are a lot of SOUND investment opportunities out there right now. Obviously, a house would be paramount - but where? If Sara and I were in a "money is no object" situation, I'm not sure Chicago is where our home address would be. I love California, but who knows?

I would most certainly quit my day job, but would ABSOLUTELY still do theatre.

And... I think I'd follow the Red Sox on the road a little...

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