The centerpiece of any good, robust political system is healthy debate, and part of that debate should be questioning our leaders. While people who don't "like" Obama drive me nuts, I respect the fact that they have every right in the world to dislike him, and to question him when he does things. (you know, unlike when Bush was in office, and those who questioned him were considered Un-American) I welcome it, actually. QUESTION our leader. We put him there, but it is his responsibility to lead us and do the things that are right for us, so when he's going down a wrong path, SPEAK UP for heaven's sake!

Ok, that being said, there's a small group of nutjobs that just chap my ass every time I hear them given press time. You know who I mean... the people who claim, nay, INSIST, that Obama was not born in the US. They are discussed in the press so much that the WH has given them a NAME! They are known as the "Birthers", and completely believe that he was born in Africa, not America. The WH gave in to the stupidity about a year ago, and posted a copy of his Birth Certificate online, they have recieved witness accounts from hospital workers, etc, and have even pointed to a local NEWSPAPER in Hawaii announcing his birth.

There's a great blurb on the CNN.com ticker today about Press Secretary Robert Gibbs shooting down the "Birthers". (article is HERE). In the comments section was a response so TRUE and hilarious at the same time that I was nearly crying with laughter over it:

posted by: Yo morons! on July 27th, 2009 4:43 pm ET

"His grandmother did not say he was born in Kenya–it was his step-grandmother who said that about 40 years after the fact, AND she was not present at his birth.
I feel silly indulging this nonsense; it's like trying to prove a negative. Birthers, can you prove that Bush is not satan? Can you offer me one shred of proof that he is not satan? What's that? No proof?
Can you prove that Rush Limbaugh does not survive solely on the consumption of human flesh? Do you have any proof whatsoever?
Can you prove that Laura Bush is not a robot? And I don't mean your run-of-the-mill wire and steel robot, but a high-tech cybernetic organism designed to conrol your thoughts? C'mon birthers, prove it! I will not be satisfied until you prove it!
The certificate is out there and has been vetted. For god's sakes, devote your energies to helping your communites, or alternatively, learning how to read and operate "the google".
Otherwise, take another swig from your clay jug and remember to holler for Pa when the vittles is ready!"

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