Stealing from Bob

So, Bob (or, Devil Vet as some know him) does a regular thing on his blog entitled "Favorite Things this Week", and it's usually an image of some kind that he particularly likes.

I'm stealing the idea.

I'll call it something else of course (maybe I'll just call it "stealing from Bob"), and I won't post it every week, but nonetheless posting the images will become more common.

This week, Sara and I went to NYC, and we went to the big museums. There were some pieces of art that astounded me (that Matisse is BIG), and others that moved me (Frida, I love you...), but nothing made me THINK and feel as much as THIS piece did.

The painting is simply called "Woman Ironing", and our pal Pablo painted it in 1904. It was clearly done during his "Blue Period", and it certainly does a good job of evoking THAT emotion for me. I stared at the damn thing for the longest time. I just couldn't get over her left shoulder. that pointy left shoulder. SHe's so thin, and obviously working hard on something. her hair is mussed so I assume she's hot and sweaty. Thin and tired. and yet..... look at her face.... just a hint of a grin.

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