"I eat too much....I drink too much... I want too much...too much!"

The 3 people who read my blog know me face to face, so it's pretty obvious when I say... I'm a heavy gal. I sort of always have been.
I've tried a couple of times to track the genesis of my weight gain, and while laziness and poor food choice is the biggest factor, some of my worst habits began when I was younger.

Between 2nd and 6th grade, my mom's second husband's alcoholism was truly spiraling downward. I hated being anywhere NEAR the guy. During that time, I didn't have a lot of friends, so rather than be out of the house all the time, I retreated to my room. This is when I started devouring huge books at a time, and always with a snack in my hand. Always.

I would go to the library and smuggle candy bars in. I would hide candy and junk food at home in my drawers and down it all while reading some 1,000 page book. I started to get a little chunky, and as I slowly put on weight, things got worse and worse at home. By the time my mom threw him out, I was in the 6th grade, and I'm pretty sure I was well over 150llbs. And I also starting developing the twins - my collosal pals up front that made be a TRUE roly-poly (round in the middle and huge on top).

During 7th grade I was having a very rough time adjusting to junior high. The kids were all new, and they were cruel. Time for another candy bar. Plus my dad was really sick that whole year. 7th grade sucked. And then in May, Dad passed away. It kicked me in the pants a little. I started taking better care of myself (um, meaning I showered every day now), and started wearing makeup to school, wearing nicer outfits - trying DESPERATELY to make friends and fit in. I became the funny heavy chick. Pass me another candy bar.

So, bad eating habits, laziness and all that have contributed to BIG Dianna. And then Sara and I got together, and we just always wanted to stay home and eat food (I believe they call that nesting....)

Anyway - Sara and I sort of hit the wall where our collective weights were concerned.

For me, I have always been a fast walker, and someone who could bound up the stairs no matter what my size. In the last year or so, my knees have started to hurt, my back hurts more often now...and I knew it was time to make the change.

Sara and I both joined Weight Watchers a month ago. And its been nothing but good things. Sara has lost close to 12 pounds, and I'm just a smidgen under 10 lbs lost with 9.6 total.

We kept it super quiet the first few weeks - because that is what has always doomed us before - as soon as we talk about it, we fall off the wagon. This time, we were focused, and we were determined. We didn't tell a soul for over 2 weeks. And now, we're telling a few people at a time, and have been enjoying the "high-5's".

We also made it past 2 big bumps in the road - 4th of July (pulled pork sandwiches!) and a trip to New York City (Hot dog vendors EVERYWHERE!). We feel really strong for being able to make it past those two events, and we feel like anything that comes our way we'll be able to make SMART food choices.

Here's a semi-recent pic of the 2 of us - it's from the rehearsal dinner from her Sister's wedding. (back in October, but whatever) We are both at our heaviest in this pic, but we are already changing from that. The chins are receding, and our waistlines are getting smaller already.

Now, in this coming October I'm going to have another wedding to go to, and I expect to be in a lot of pics since it's my BROTHER'S WEDDING!!!!!!! (Hooray! Better late than never Danny!)
I fully intend to post some pics of me and Sara and compare what our faces and bodies will look like - looking forward to the "no-double-chin" pics!!!!


valerie said...

I think you ladies are adorable no matter what size, but good luck to you both!

Michael Brownlee said...

Rock. On. Keep it up, D.

And if it makes it any easier, I'll eat those pizzas you left in my freezer. :)

Dianna said...

@ Valerie - we're working on keeping ourselves adorable. We like the idea of "skinny and adorable". Goals, goals...

@Brownlee - EAT THE PIZZA!!! The ridiculous overpriced Pizza from 7-11!!!! (although, I should swing by your place some time soon and grab that stuff I left there...)

joe g said...

Congrats, I'm very proud of you both. Keep it up.

rebar said...

Glad you guys are doing it together...such a wellspring of support in that.

Rock on, ladies!