Anyone agree?

ok, here's my cummuter RANT.

Folks, you ride the train at least 5 days a week, twice a day, to and from work, most likely.
You KNOW that the train ride is usually a series of body jerks, and the train stopping short.

Why then, do you insist on not hanging on to something?

Every day, without fail, someone is not hanging on (they are either reading their book, or talking on their cell phone), and then the train starts to pull out of the station, and this person is then CATAPULTED either into the horde of people they are standing near, or they practicaly fall into the lap of someone sitting (namely, ME).

Is it a suprise to you that the train actually MOVED?

it's hard to tell on your face.
You don;'t appear embarresed that you nearly ending sitting in my lap.
You CERTAINLY don't appear apologetic that you stomped on the woman in front of you's shoes, or when you were jerked forward your oversized Burberry bag whacked me in the shoulder. Pardon me for having my shoulder in the path of your moving tote bag.


tomorrow's commuter observation: My amazement with commuters feeling all sanctimonius for offering up a 25 inch space for you to squeeze through in order to exit the train, when you hips are 48 inches.
I can suck in the gut, but those hips ain't going anywhere except rubbed up against you as I attempt to extract myself from the train.

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Mike said...

I hate that sideways squeeze through too small a place manuever while trying to decide "crotch or ass?".