Man, I feel weird....

Ok, so half of my mouth is numbed, and it's sagging a bit. I now know what it feels like to have a partial stroke.

In this case, though, I merely got some fillings. 3 to be exact. No pain with the drilling. The only point of panic I had was toward the end of the drilling, when I could SMELL my teeth smoking and burning from the drilling. (VOMIT).
I glanced down at one point while Dr. Shahin was holding my lip out of the way, and her glove was covered with blood. That wasn't so fun either.
But so far, no pain ::crossing fingers::

The novacaine is set to wear off soon. It's the weirdest feeling, seriously. Normally I can do a fairly approximate Elvis sneer/lip curl on my left side. I tell my brain to curl my lip, but it just sits there. it's totally bizarre. (attempting to do the lip curl is only happening in the bathroom, because when I try, I keep looking like a retard. seriously.)

Did I mention I'm drooling?

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