for the love of Pete, MOVE!!!!

Tuesday's CTA rant

This is a 2-pronged rant (get your mind out of the gutter Brownlee).

Rant, the first
folks, you take the train EVERY DAY, you get on it every day, you exit it every day.....why then is it so hard to decide where to go?
Case in point, today, as I exit the train at Grand, the woman directly in front of me exits the train and once she's on the platform, she comes to complete stop --- to the point that I almost plow right into her the back of her high-priced-but-overly-bulky North Face parka. There wasn't any reason for her to stop - she just....stopped. Retard.

Rant, the second
I hop to the side and try and side-step the bulky-coated hesitant retard. I shake my head rather than say what's on my mind (expletives only, I assure you...). I head toward the escalator, and head up the left side, which day after day is always the side you head for if you want to walk up the escalator - as I do. If you'd rather stand still, traditionally, people always move to the right. This is usually the case..... except when people forget the "move to the right" rules.
The most common thing is NOT someone who wants to stand still staying on the left, it's usually someone who'd rather walk UP the escalator somehow making to the right side, and then when they realize they aren't moving, the push over to the left so they can walk up....and of course hold up the REST of us, who k now they want to walk up and are SMART ENOUGH to position ourselves on the left side from the beginning.

until tomorrow, my lovely readers.

(*disclaimer* - the people I refer to as "retard" - I call them this because the mentally handicapped and developmentally disabled are SMARTER than these people. I would never deign to refer to developmentally disabled as retarded. They're smarter than that.)


valerie said...

in tokyo you MUST stand on the right and walk on the left. they scowl at you if you don't. even if there are only two people on the whole damn thing.

but then in kyoto it's stand on the left, walk on the right. confusing.

Mikey B. said...

YAY! The blog is back!

Here's a CTA story for you. This morning I get on the bus and at the next stop a woman is waiting but the driver blows on by. I say "Sir, I think that woman wanted the bus". To which the driver replies "She was walking her dog". Which makes my mouth drop open as I say to him "Sir, she's blind. That was a seeing eye dog". Numbnuts.